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The items on the right (coming soon on the shelves) are waiting to be reviewed here at ABSTRACTO and will be posted in no particular order, though only ones I have managed to read in full will make it to the review page.

There is also a list of books (coming soon wish list) that are either on order or that I don’t own but would like to have. I would be pleased to hear from any publisher or author that wishes to forward material for consideration.

The following are being written/prepared for publication:

Not yet published:

  • Puerto Rican Music and Dance by Juan Flores (due Nov 2007)
  • Willie Torres book on singing/song styles in Latin music (likely pub 2008)
  • Mazel Tov Mis Amigos: The Rise and Fall of Jewish Mambo by Mark Swartz
  • Aaron Levinson produced “Baby Loves Salsa” for 1-6 year olds (due June 2008)
  • Book by Benjamin Lapidus about Changui to be published by Scarecrow Press (due to be published soon)
  • Sounding Salsa: Performing Latin Music in New York City by Christopher Washburn (Temple Univ Press, mid 2008)
  • Salsa etc by Matthew Rendell (Pub. Weidenfeld & Nicholson early 2009)
  • Sue Stewards book on bandleader Edmundo Ros
  • U.K. Jazz Dance Scene from 1970 – 1993 by Mark Cotgrove aka Snowboy (early 2008)
  • Reading Reggaeton: Historical, Aesthetic and Critical Perspectives by Raquel Z. Rivera (due 2008)
  • A translated version of Cesar Miguel Rondon’s El Libro de la Salsa is to be published by the University of North Carolina Press (March 2008)

If you see any book listed in ABSTRACTO that you would to see reviewed please let me know and i’ll bump it up the list, I’d also be happy to hear of books not featured anywhere on the site that you think warrant consideration.

Next up for review:

Next reviews likely to be selected from: Looking for La Bomba, National Rhythms African Roots, Salsa and Related Genres A biographical guide, Anacaona, The Garland Handbook of Latin American Music & Merengue

There will be a “meet the authors” section appearing relatively soon here at ABSTRACTO.



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