The main purpose here is to encourage people to purchase books that they will enjoy. To that end ABSTRACTO intends to give a balanced view of publications. Each review, selected from the column on the right, will feature an outline of the book, author information (usually via a weblink), opinions on why you might buy or why you might leave the title, its contents, selected extracts and other reviews, or a representative sample of such.

Whilst most pertinent details about each book reviewed are included, the purchase price is not – there can be such wide variations  depending on who the seller is, which country they are based in and what their postage & packaging fees are. ABSTRACTO is also sure that people clever enough to read this can find out how much a book might cost them without our assistance anyway (however the Buyers Guide may be useful).

Any material used on this site is considered by ABSTRACTO be within the spirit of copyright guidelines regarding “fair use” – authors and publishers retain all rights subject to the law(s) of their respective countries.

The accompanying photograph will be of the actual book in my possession rather than a stock image, in fact ALL photographs on this site have been taken by slaphappy.



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